Domestic Students

Refers to all students within Canada only
*All fees are subjected to change without notice
Tuition Fee:  All Fees are shown in Canadian dollars.

  • Tuition Fees

    The cost per course is $170 which must be paid by the first day of class.  Arrangements can be made with the Finance Department for program fees only.  The fees for each program are as stated below:

    Certificate $ 750
    Diploma – Level I $1,100
    Diploma – Level II $1,200
    Diploma – Advanced $1,800
  • Other fees are as follows (domestic students)

    Application (1-time non-refundable) $ 45
    Registration (per semester) $ 35
    Late Registration $ 15
    Rental of teaching materials (tapes, books etc.) $ 20 per semester
    Distance Learning Administrative (does not include text books) $ 60
    Supplementary Exam $ 70
    Make-up Test/Exam $ 40
    Deferred Payment *
    (per month for amount owing over 500)
    $ 20
    (per month for amount owing under 500) $ 10
    Library (per Semester) $ 10
    NSF cheques $ 35
    Damaged or lost tapes/DVD $ 45
    Transcript Replacement $ 25
    Program Re-entry $ 200
    Program/Course Extension $ 100
    Referral Letter $ 25
  • Deferred Payment Arrangements

    • Applicable for Program studies ONLY
    • Minimum 25% down
    • Balance Payable: Program Courses within 6 months

    • An administration fee of $10/month for debt less than $500 or $20/month for debt greater than $500 must be included with each monthly payment.  All other course fees must be paid in full before the beginning of each semester.  For tuition deferred payment students.
    • Receipts will be available for Income Tax purposes.

    All certified cheques and money orders must be made payable to Cornerstone Academy of Biblical Studies Inc. (CABS)Please do not mail any cash.  Payments can be mailed to:

    Attention:               CABS Finance Department
                                       1196 Wellington Street West
                                       Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 2Z5, Canada

    1. Please include payment with your application forms.  Application forms without a deposit will not be processed.
    2. Note:  Some programs have higher fees.  Please verify with the Registrar’s Office.
    3. Books and supplies are not included in the tuition fees and the costs may vary according to course or program.  Please inquire about the cost of your books and supplies prior to the start of your course or program.
    4. If a student is out of a program for more than 4 consecutive semesters he/she must apply for re-entry.  Upon acceptance, the students must pay the full program fee.  Upon re-entry in a program a student must take at least one course per semester to remain in the program.
  • Program Re-entry

    If a student chooses to remain out of a program of studies for more than two consecutive semesters he/she must pay a re-entry fee of $200 in additional to the full program fees.  This may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Students who wish to remain out of their program of studies must submit a written notification to the Registrar’s Office requesting a leave of absence and a valid reason for the request.

    If a student who is taking a single course failed to attend classes he/she must pay the full course fee to re-enter the course in the next semester.