Academic Requirements


Each student must be:

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Have completed secondary education at the Ontario grade 12 level, or equivalent, or
  • Be considered a MATURE STUDENT.  Proof of education achieved should be submitted with the completed application form.

A mature student is a person who is 19 years of age or older on the start date of the program and who does not have a Provincial Secondary School Diploma (PSSD)



(Min. 1-101)

As a Bible college we encourage each student to establish and maintain a prayerful relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe that an established devotional time with the Lord will truly enhance one’s relationship, not only with God, but also with our fellow men.  Time set aside to meet with God will reinforce teaching principles received and assist in the development of a Christ-like understanding for effective ministry.

In concert with this requirement, each student enrolled in a certificate, diploma, or degree program is required to:

  • Allot a minimum of one continuous hour per week in devotional time.  This time should be used to pray, read the Bible, and meditate.
  • The location is optional, however a chapel setting is recommended, where you can be away from the activity of the day and other distractions.
  • Two credit units will be awarded at the end of each semester to each student recording 12 hours or more of Chapel Time.

To assist in the management of this initiative, a logbook will be placed in a designated location at each campus.  Each student is required to record on a weekly basis, the date and number of hours spent in devotion.