Registrars Office

The Office of the Registrar provides registration, record‑keeping, information services and academic support to students in a convenient, responsive and accurate manner.                          

  • Change of Name and Address

    It is the obligation of every student to notify the Office of the Registrar in writing of any change in name or permanent mailing address. Tuition bills and final grades are mailed to the permanent address; therefore, documentation supporting the change must be presented when the request is made.

  • Course Cancellation

    CABS reserve the right to withdraw any course that fails to meet minimum enrollment criteria. CABS require a minimum of four students in order to offer any given course during a semester.

  • Attendance

    • Students may not attend classes unless they are registered officially, have paid all application, registration and course fees or have made alternate arrangements with the Finance Department.
    • In general, acceptable reasons for absence from class include illness, serious family emergencies, and severe weather conditions. The student may offer other sound reasons.
    • Students are responsible for satisfying all academic objectives as defined by the instructor. Absences count from the first class meeting.
    • Students must not assume that they are automatically withdrawn from a class if they fail to attend the first few days of class.

    CABS recognize the right of the individual teacher to make attendance mandatory. After due warning, a teacher may prohibit further attendance and subsequently assign a failing grade for excessive absences.

  • Registration

    Students must complete final registration with the Office of the Registrar in order to be considered duly enrolled students. Specific instructions are available each semester in the Enrollment Guide.

    Students who fail to register are not considered to be students at the Academy and will not be certified as being enrolled for any purpose.

  • Pre-Registration

    Current Students:

    All current students must pre-register if they intend to take courses in the school year.  Two weeks before the completion of the semester, students will be encouraged to pre-register online. The pre-registration fee for existing students is $35.00. In order to pre-register, form and fee must be completed and received by the Registrar’s Office by the last day of class.

    If a current student fails to pre-register by the last class of the semester, or the designated date the student will be charged a late registration fee of $15.00 and will be charged the full registration fee of $35.00.

    New Students:

    New students will be charged the standard $35.00 registration fee. Registration fees are due during the two-week registration period at the beginning of each school year. If a new student fails to register during the two-week registration period, the student will be charged a late registration fee of $15.00 in addition to the registration fee of $35.00.

  • Exams/Tests

    All exams are administered at regular class meetings during the examination periods listed in the Calendar. Instructors will inform students of the exact date of their examinations. Students must take examinations at the scheduled time unless the instructor or College approves a student’s request for change. Requests for excusable absences must be discussed with the professor at the earliest opportunity before the absence.  If absence for a test is not approved in advance (Emergencies Excepted) the grade will be a zero.

  • Assessment Examination

    A Pre-Assessment exam is administered to students during their orientation period.  The result of this test has no bearing on the eligibility for enrolment, but simply provides a means of assessing the general Bible knowledge of the potential student.  It highlights any deficient areas of study where emphasis should be made or reveals areas in which the student is already proficient in and requires little attention.

  • Make-up Examinations/Tests

    Make-up final examinations will be administered through the student’s instructor. Students must be in good academic standing with the College and must have met all other requirements of the courses for which make-up examinations are requested, including attendance. Make-up examinations are approved only for students who miss final examinations because of serious illnesses or compelling emergency reasons that are documented.   In order to be considered, a request for a make-up exam must be made in writing and must be submitted to the Instructor or Provost within three (3) days of the missed examination(s).

  • Make-Up Final Examination Appeal Form

    Students may submit their own clearly written one-page appeals instead of the form. Appeals must be accompanied by a valid medical reason with a letter from a doctor, or for a valid work related reason with a note from your employer on company letterhead.  Make-up examinations and tests will not be approved for students who miss examinations because of negligence, misinformation, lack of preparation, vacations, or for students who have less than 3 consecutive examinations on the same day.  Make-up examinations must be taken within one week of the original examination date or before the start of the next semester, whichever comes first.

  • Scheduling of Make-up Examination

    The scheduling of the make-up examination will be co-ordinated with the Instructor and the student. Instructors will inform students of the exact date of their make-up examination(s). Students must take make-up examinations at the scheduled time. The rules governing absences from regularly scheduled examinations apply to make-up examinations. An unexcused failure to take a make-up examination will result in a failure. With the exception of emergency circumstances, a student may only arrange one make-up exam.  Discussing the examination in any manner with a student who has already taken the course examination shall be deemed cheating and subjects all students involved to disciplinary action.

  • Supplemental Exams

    Supplementary examinations may be granted on academic grounds to a student who achieves a final mark of 50-59%.  A supplemental exam fee of $70.00 will be charged for each course that a student wishes to sit. This fee must be paid before the student can sit the exam.

    The rules governing absences from regularly scheduled examinations apply to all supplemental examinations. An unexcused failure to take any supplemental examination will result in the failure of the supplemental exam and the student’s mark will be registered.

    PLEASE NOTE  that a student must receive approval from the Dean of Academics or the Campus Director to sit the supplemental exam.

  • Dropping/Adding Courses

    Courses may be dropped or added during the first three weeks of classes. In order to drop a class, the student must complete a Drop/Add Course Form and obtain approval from the Academic Dean or Provost. Failure to attend a class does not constitute a drop.  If a student desires to drop a course but does not do so during the drop period, the student will have to withdraw from that course. Students may add a course up to the third week of semester classes. Fulltime students may drop a course during the first three weeks of classes.  Fulltime students will have the opportunity to take that course one more time without penalty subject to approval from the Campus Director/Registrar’s Office.

  • Course Withdrawals

    Withdrawal is the formal process of dropping a course during a semester. Students who withdraw from a course after the drop period and prior to the deadline for withdrawal will receive a grade of “W” for that course. The deadline to withdraw from a course is fifth class of the semester.  Any student who withdraws after the deadline will be assigned a grade of (Withdraw/Fail) “WF” in that course. Students who leave CABS without officially withdrawing normally will receive failing grades.  Please contact the Office of the Registrar to begin withdrawal procedures.

  • Repeat Policy

    A student wishing to repeat a course must submit a request on the appropriate form to the Office of the Registrar.  A student who desires to take a course that he/she has dropped in a previous semester must pay for the course. In addition the student must receive approval from the Academic Dean or the Campus Director to repeat a course.

    Any student who dropped a course prior to the beginning of the term may take that course again without having to pay for it.

  • Graduation

    Students wishing to graduate at the completion of the Winter Semester must apply to graduate by completing an Application to Graduate form. This form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar no later than the 7th week of the Fall Semester. Failure to do so may prohibit a student from graduating during the commencement ceremonies generally in July.  Graduation fees are outlined in (this will be changed)

    The following steps should be followed:

    • Obtain an Application for Graduation Form from the Office of the Registrar.
    • Verify with the Campus Director that all program requirements have been met.
    • Submit the completed form and graduation fee to the Registrar’s Office.

All outstanding fees must be paid in full by the last day of class of each semester.  A student will not be permitted to graduate until all outstanding matters for course have been paid in full  (example, text fees)

All academic requirements must be met prior to the last day of class of that semester.