Distance Education



Welcome to our Distance Education Program.  This program provides the opportunity to learn anywhere, anytime, at your own pace…!  However certain parameters exist. All our courses can be accessed through this program but we recommend that this method be used only where necessary.

Upon enrollment, you will receive a Syllabus, , the assignments, and the required reading.  You will be assigned a professor who will be responsible for marking and providing some assistance through telephone or Internet consultations. You are required to complete and forward the assignments at the time agreed to between the professor and yourself.

At the appropriate time you will be required to be present at a central location to write the related examinations.  You will have a maximum of (not sure pls verified)to complete each course,  except Final Projects and Research Papers, which will be the subject of specific arrangements with the professor.  You may send your assignments and any correspondence to us by mail or E-mail.

Please indicate to the Registrar the address and/or (mail or E-mail) to which you want any correspondence sent.  Your telephone number – which will be held in confidence – would also be appreciated.



In addition to your program or course fees (see information in the Enrollment Guide) there is an additional $50 charge per semester to cover administrative/mailing costs.  This fee does not include textbooks.

Text Books

Every effort has been made to ensure that the reference material used can be obtained at your local religious or university bookstore.  In the rare instance where this is not so, CABS will be prepared to supply the required text for a fee.


All assignments must be handed in/or addressed as follows:

Attention: Distance Learning Coordinator
CABS, 1196 Wellington Street West, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Z5